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This web site is dedicated to the book Hanes Tonyrefail written by the late Thomas Morgan.
Hanes Tonyrefail is a book written in Welsh with the memories of Thomas Morgan about Tonyrefail, written shortly before his death in 1890, and not published until 1899.
The book, like many at the time only had a short print run and copies of a book that’s now well over a hundred years old are virtually impossible to come by.  I know only of one loan copy that is available at the Library in Pontypridd and several reference copies at the National Library in Cardiff.
To protect such a valuable part of Tonyrefails history we have published the book online in several versions.  the original book has been scanned and an electronic version called an ebook created and made available as a free download from this web site
the full transcript of the book is also available in its original welsh language format to read on this site or download as an ebook.
We are also working on a full English language translation. the original hope was to put the English translation here as a free download ebook as we have done with the Welsh version

unfortunately after five years of searching for a translator my only option was to go with a professional translator which cost us almost a thousand pounds. So we have decided to publish this translation to try and recoup as much as we can. unfortunately with the limited market and print run this book will have we will still loose money. but think that bringing this work back to print for a modern generation to read and enjoy is worth it.


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To protect the authors interests a legal copyright covers the copying of literary documents..  the copyright of  literary documents expires seventy years after the death of the author. so we are legally entitled to use Thomas Morgans work on this web site.  and to share it with the world via our downloads. 

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